About Us


My crazy love of fashion started back as far as I can remember. I spent many days ripping up pieces of fabric only to sew them up again with a single needle and thread.

My idea of a fun day was to go to local fabric stores and spend hours looking at pattern books and dreaming of the possibilities… I still chuckle to myself when I think of the times I dragged my friends with me thinking they would have the same passion…

At the age of 29 I enrolled in UFV for Fashion Design and spent the next 3 years working and creating. Upon graduation I applied for 70 different jobs in the “rag trade” and had a couple of calls but nothing that would give me the experience I was interested in. I took a job as a bartender and started planning towards opening my own store.

In 1995 Uncommon Thredz was born in Clayburn Village. I think back to my first collections and have to laugh – they were a little outrageous. In time my customers brought me down to earth. The first year I managed to design, manufacture and run the store myself. When I found myself getting behind after the first year I hired my first employee and soon enough I had outgrown my little store in Clayburn and moved to Mission.

I grew my business into far more than my own creations and eventually brought in clothing designed to fit, flatter and inspire women of all beautiful shapes and sizes.

I have since retired from my design career and now focus on bringing in the exceptional, funky clothes that everyone has become to know and love.

It has been over 7 years since I packed everything up and made the move to Penticton to open Mi Amor Clothing Boutique. A place that you all have grown to know and love.
I have met so many wonderful customers that I can happily say that we have become wonderful friends.